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Seven years ago, I bought a VW Karmann Ghia Type 34 in atrocious condition. I must have been mad. I worked on the car for about 6 years, and then sold it and bought a Triumph Herald.

I am still in contact with the new owner of the car, who has had it fully restored, repainted and reupholstered.

The car, at first, was missing all interior upholstery, all dashboard parts, all wiring, the rear quarter windows, most lights, the steering wheel, the ignition switch, the indicator switch, and the windscreen wipers. Most of the parts that it did have were unoriginal, like the cheapo rear view mirror that was stuck to the windscreen. The bumpers and hubcaps were covered with rust. The only original parts that I did receive with it were the speedometer and the fuel gauge, both of which were rusty. The engine was missing the electric wiring and parts of it were rusty.

The car is interesting because it's one of the very few examples of this model with automatic transmission. This option was only available in 1968 and 1969, and apparently very few were sold like this. Mine is apparently one of a handful in the world that is capable of moving under its own power.

In line with the rest of the VW Type 3 range of the same model year, it has a 1600cc aircooled engine, a 12V electric system, front disk brakes and independent rear suspension.

 Finally, on 29th April 2004, the car passed it's first test in perhaps seven or eight years, and is now back on the road!

It passed its second test at the end of October, 2004.

It drives extremely well. It's quite fast, and powerful on hills. It accelerates well, and, thanks to a complete brake overhaul, it stops well too.

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